Friday, December 5, 2008

Owen Baker Vera

Mom, Dad and baby are doing well.
Home at last.
We are tired but madly in love with our new baby boy.
I will write more about the birth once the baby jet lag subsides.
I love you guys...thanks for all of the comments.
p.s. drew isn't strangling the baby in last picture. He is using the "milkshake" calming technique. We find it works best if you actually sing the milkshake song by Kelis while doing it.


bonnie said...

love love love you~
good job momma!

bekka said...

congrats! he's beautiful!

Brittany said...

love you guys! so happy everyone is home - Owen is absolutely beautiful!!

lauraholtzman said...

So beautiful. Congratulations!!!

Michelle said...

love you both very much!!
He is soooo beautiful!!!!

Sonja Sanchez said...

He is sooooo cute!!

Justina said...

hooray!! congrats on your bundle of joy and welcome to mommyhood!! love to all 3 of you-oh and marlow too!!!

aunt liz said...

Good JOB! Sara and Drew!!!
I am going out looking for
a fishing outfit for him,so he will be ready to go
with Gpa and dad...
Owen is the most beautiful baby
I have ever seen --NO KIDDING!
love you guys! have fun being
new mom and dad!

Cynthia said...

He is just amazing! Take a million pictures. You are so tired adjusting right now that you won't remember his cute face as it is now. Also the world has been waiting to see him for too long! Congrats!

Lara said...

Way to go! He is adorable. Love you!

Anonymous said...

cant stop looking at the pics. i come back everyday hoping there is more. he is really cute, really!
i love his little armpits.