Thursday, December 25, 2008

3 weeks (merry christmas)

Here is a pic of scrumptious little baby toes. My xmas gift to you.
Owen's first xmas was low key. Mostly spent napping and eating. Drew and I have been daydreaming about how fun future xmas's will be once Owen is old enough to be excited about it. Owen is getting bigger and stronger everyday. He is really starting to use his hands and push off of our laps with his tiny little legs. He studies our faces for a long time with his big blue eyes. Owen also makes the craziest noises. He mostly grunts and growls like a little bear cub, but will occasionally make a scream that sounds like a baby dinosaur.


aunt liz said...

Hi Sara,
hope you ALL had a wonderful
first Christmas with precious
Owen. God blessed you and I
am thankful that everything went so
well with you and Owen during
the delivery! THESE PICS are great!
REALLY STRONG! Like Jeff was when newborn.. IT IS AMAZING how strong
and muscular they can be that young. I remember the nurses
had to hold Jeff down to give him
his baby shots..He would arch up
off of the table!
You WILL need 4 hands when dressing
and changing him - it brings
back many memories for me!
love you all!

bonnie said...


Michelle said...

I love love love his little baby toes!!! So cute! Im glad you had a nice christmas, I miss you like crazy!

danam said...

i want to eat those toes like skittles. those eyes are so big! i see so much of you in him.

i guess bea was only 2 weeks old when christmas came around last year, but this year she really enjoyed it.. and she was spoiled rotten.

are his eyes going to stay blue? i wonder!


lauraholtzman said...

I love Owen.

brixpicks said...

So cute! Starting to look a bit like daddy and mommy!