Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 weeks...

This morning started out with a much cuter onesie that matched his little green striped socks. I was really excited to get a picture of him in it. For some reason every time I put a super cute outfit on him something happens to the outfit within 10 minutes of me putting on. Usually its baby vomit (gross) but today it was a super butt explosion (even grosser) that occurred about 2 seconds after I changed his diaper and put the cute onesie on. Luckily Owen still looks like a million bucks rockin the classic white onesie.
(i just changed Owen's diaper while writing this and he pee'd all over the place. I changed his onesie AGAIN. Justina and grateful your girls can't shoot pee all over you.)
Owen and I are getting into a nice rhythm. He is settling into his own schedule, and I now can tell the difference between his hungry cries and his tired cries. He only freaks me out when he chokes. He does this when he eats to fast. He is my little hungry piggy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

7 weeks...

Owen is awesome.
He has a new tummy time mat that he loves.
The frog that makes music on it makes him angry, and he likes to slap the crap out of it.
Drew shaved his beard this week and it made Owen freak out.
He calmed down once he recognized his sweet daddy's voice.
Owen and mommy both prefer whisker free kisses.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

6 weeks

Where did my tiny baby go??
At 6 weeks Owen is such a fatty it is unbelievable.
The "Big Cheese" outfit he is wearing (so adorable lara thank you!) is meant for a 6 month old....not a 6 week old.
Such a fatty.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Bjorn...

Owen's new baby carrier came in the mail yesterday, and it is now one of my favorite baby things. I highly recommend one to anyone that has a baby on the way. I already had a baby sling and a carrier but neither were working for us yet. The sling makes Owen scream like crazy, and the carrier we have can not be used till he can hold his head up. Owen has been breaking our backs because he constantly needs to be held and on the move in order to stop fussing. I had seen the baby bjorn on Justina's blog and decided to order one in snazzy green (which makes Owen look like a super cute turtle). It was a big hit. We have already used it three times and he falls asleep in it every time. It makes my back feel great, and it is wonderful to be able to use both my hands to get things done and still be snugly close to my baby. I seriously wish I had one of these from day one. So Awesome.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 weeks

Owen is fussing at me.
This boy is always hungry....and bossy.
Just some quick recent snapshots.
Will write more when I can.

Friday, January 2, 2009

4 weeks (happy new year)

For New Year's Owen, Drew and I had a dance party in the living room at 9:30pm and then went straight to bed. Owen loves to dance around with us. At one month old Owen is sleeping like a dream. The last 5 days he has gone to bed between 9 and 10, and doesn't wake up till 5am...sometimes 6. He likes to his daddy.
Owen is such a good baby. He always seems to give his mommy what she needs. I didn't want to be induced so he came the night before. He knows I need sleep and he sleeps 7 hours straight.
Sweet sweet baby.