Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 weeks...

This morning started out with a much cuter onesie that matched his little green striped socks. I was really excited to get a picture of him in it. For some reason every time I put a super cute outfit on him something happens to the outfit within 10 minutes of me putting on. Usually its baby vomit (gross) but today it was a super butt explosion (even grosser) that occurred about 2 seconds after I changed his diaper and put the cute onesie on. Luckily Owen still looks like a million bucks rockin the classic white onesie.
(i just changed Owen's diaper while writing this and he pee'd all over the place. I changed his onesie AGAIN. Justina and grateful your girls can't shoot pee all over you.)
Owen and I are getting into a nice rhythm. He is settling into his own schedule, and I now can tell the difference between his hungry cries and his tired cries. He only freaks me out when he chokes. He does this when he eats to fast. He is my little hungry piggy.


aunt liz said...

Sara, he is soooooo cute with
this smile on his face!
love these pics. it is funny
what you said - boys show their
love by peeing on you - hahahahahah

Michelle said...

I love his chubby legs ;)
I need to send him a onsie...I have one in mind, what size is he wearing now, toddler size 4? Hehe, he's huge!
I love you and Im glad your doing well.

brixpicks said...

he's absolutely beautiful. wish i could squeeze his little cheeks

Justina said...

i hate it when that happens - you have the best outfit and it gets ruined seconds later. he is so rockin.

bonnie said...

look at him~
he is happy and healthy.
you are doing a wonderful job~
i am so proud of you sara.

Jesslmogo said...

I really, really need to squeeze him.