Wednesday, January 21, 2009

7 weeks...

Owen is awesome.
He has a new tummy time mat that he loves.
The frog that makes music on it makes him angry, and he likes to slap the crap out of it.
Drew shaved his beard this week and it made Owen freak out.
He calmed down once he recognized his sweet daddy's voice.
Owen and mommy both prefer whisker free kisses.


Michelle said...

He is soooo big!!!
I remember crying when my dad shaved of his mustache...I thought it was a stranger walking into the house. I was much older than Owen
Im one smart cookie ;)
Im glad you all are doing well.

PS-I need an action picture! like a video?

bonnie said...

i see drew's tan line.
i love these pictures~
dad and owen look so cute!
owen is so damn cute.

danam said...

did owens eyes change color? he is so handsome.. really. he looks just like you sara, do people say that, or is it just me?

i remember when bea was 7 weeks old:

i agree with mushpotato, take videos!

Justina said...

i can't believe how fast they grow! he's a cutie and picturing him getting angry at the frog makes me laugh :) i agree with you - whisker free kisses are much much better.

Mary said...

Owen must be getting gourmet meals, he is growing so fast! He is adorable, when are you going to bring to Texas so we can all see and hold him? I know Robert would love to hold him!! Video would be great. Take care and tell Drew he does look better too!!

Sonja Sanchez said...

I love the pictures of Owen he is so cute! I am trying to find a way to get to Florida to see you guys. I will keep you posted if I think I can do it.