Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Week Old

Oh man I love this baby....
He is changing so much everyday.
His cheeks are getting chubbier from all the breastfeeding we are doing (ouch).
Owen is starting to be more aware, look around and stare at whoever is holding him.
He seems freakishly strong for a baby and I have to work very hard at putting a diaper on him. Sometimes I feel like I need 8 more hands to get it done.
Diaper changings are his least favorite thing in the whole world right now.
His favorite thing is falling asleep on someones chest...listening to their heartbeat.
That is mommas favorite thing too.

He is waking up...gotta go.


Mary said...

He is adorable!!! He is so alert with those big eyes. Thanks for the pictures I love seeing him..

Michelle said...

He is so cute!! I heard breast feeding hurts, sorry.
What a great giant stuffed animal! I am totally jealous!
How are you doing?

Sonja Sanchez said...

He is so awesome. I want to cuddle him! I am so glad he came naturally.

forest girl said...

Hi Sara--it's Lara's mom--what a cutie! Eventually breast feeding stops hurting--and it's way easier and better for him than formula. He's darling--give him a hug for me. Helen

bonnie said...

oh it hurts how much i want to hold him!!
i love him.
i am so going to spoil him.
he will be all~ "i wanna see my aunt bonnie she is the coolest!"

i love you too sara.

lauraholtzman said...

So amazing. Bring him to me please!!

Justina said...

oh sara-he is so sweet! isnt being a mommy so great-lack of sleep, painful boobies and all!!