Thursday, October 23, 2008


We received your goodies yesterday. Thank you SO much for our baby bath tub, hooded towel, and super unbelievably cute little man robe. There was a lot of oohhing and ahhing going on due to the extreme cuteness. Every time I give Owen a bath I will remind him that his Aunt Lola loves him and wants him to be squeaky clean.

I love you.
p.s. have a baby.


Anonymous said...

You are so welcome!!

Maybe when Ella and Bea visits, they can wear bunny ears and he can wear his robe and be a little Hugh Hefner.

Sonja Sanchez said...

All your gifts are so cute. Mine will be coming soon!

Michelle said...

Alright...mine will be on its way after the 1st, thats my deadline!! I love you and I cant wait for you to get it!!

Look at Lo! Already trying to pimp out your unborn baby! She's nuts ;)