Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

These are cupcakes I made for Halloween a few years ago. Drew and i threw a pumpkin carving, chili eating party while living in Austin. I made Drew help me make little marshmallow ghosts till his fingers hurt. I still think they are the cutest damn things in the whole world...even though everyone called them my KKK Kupcakes (Isaac). I repeat they are ghosts...NOT klan members.
I love love love Halloween, but not much going on tonight for the super pregnant. Drew and I will get cozy on the couch and watch An American Werewolf in London (classic) and eat a bowl full of peanut butter cups.
Enjoy your Halloween everyone!!!


Michelle said...

Very very cute! Happy Halloween!!!
It's actually beautiful here...the first time in YEARS that the temp is above freezing and I am not dressing up :( I had the perfect costume :( Boo head wounds.

Justina said...

those are about the cutest damn things i have ever seen!!