Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goombay Festival

This weekend Drew and I went into town for the annual Goombay Festival in Bahama Village. Goombay is two nights of music and food all celebrating bahamian culture. We shared a yummy meat kabob and then split an areapa which is a sweet corn bread with melted cheese in the middle. Super yummy.

Please notice the couple in the matching outfits in the background of drew's picture. Drew and I need matching outfits.


Lara said...

I think matching pirate outfits would be awesome. Do it up!

Michelle said...

Seriously!! they need to be striped like that or something else cannot just wear the same color, you have to have a pattern too, it just makes it that much better!!! But if you do opt for the pirate theme...matching eye patches would be the key!!