Wednesday, October 22, 2008

35 weeks...

Only 5 weeks left to go. I can't believe it. The belly is definitely getting heavier and the baby's movements are no longer kicks but weird rolling movements. The other day it looked as if he pushed his whole back against my belly as hard as he could. I think he wants out because there is no more room.

The weirdest thing I heard about this week is that the baby has already smushed and moved most of my internal organs, but any day now he will make a final move and shove my heart up and to the left to make more room for himself. How crazy is that?

Aside from being ginormous I feel pretty good. Everyone said the last trimester is really difficult, but for me the first trimeseter was by far worse. The only things I can complain about are occasional back pain, shortness of breath and just feeling plain pooped out.


lauraholtzman said...

That is amazing. He will actually shove your heart over? Crazy. Well, it IS his house now so I guess he can redecorate as he pleases.

bonnie said...

i wish i was there to talk to your belly~
tell drew to talk about me~
owen needs to know aunt bonnie
is coming.

Michelle said...

You really dont look huge! You look amazing! Its really weird to think about how everything gets moved around inside...then what? Just goes back where it belongs after baby is here! So INSANE!!

Justina said...

I am SO excited you only have 5 weeks - I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it is to finally have your little one. In just 9 short days, I am so in love with my daughter, even when she's screaming her head off :) You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy.