Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One week from today...

…I will know if you are a boy or a girl. It feels like Christmas. I can’t wait.

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant. The baby is now about 5 inches long. Sometime between now and week 20 the baby’s hearing will develop, and it will be able to hear us. I have been feeling really good. I just have some crazy hormonal moments every once in awhile. One second I’m crying in the grocery store because I heard a little kid say “mom”. The next moment I want to flip everyone off on the road because they are driving like maniacs. “Why in the hell did that guy just cut me off…doesn’t he know I’m pregnant?!!?” Yup… I’m highly irrational. Feel sorry for Drew. He never knows if he is coming home to a sobbing puddle or a she beast.

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Michelle said...

That's funny cause Matt has that same fear and I'm not pregnant...just crazy! I'm glad your feeling good. I cant wait to find out too!!! The 24th right?