Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Dane Meet up

This weekend we took Mr. Marlow to a great dane meet up. This one was held on Rex Butterfield's property on Lake Travis. The home was amazingly beautiful and there was a ton of space for all the puppies to run around. Marlow loves playing in the water but is a big weenie and won't go very deep. Drew convinced him to jump off the dock and swin with him in the deeper water, but he DID NOT like it. Marlow ignored us for about 10 minutes afterward because he was so angry. Puppy does not like to swim. Marlow was so tuckered he slept the whole way home with his face propped against my seat. I love my big baby.


Michelle said...

He is seriously the cutest dog! I want to meet him and check out this great dane meet up! That sounds awsome!

Justina said...

great dane meet up = practice for organizing baby play dates :) i bet he had so much fun, what a cool event for pups