Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My sad little cowboy...

This is my favorite picture of Drew when he was a little boy. He really looks as if life on the range is cold and lonely. I just want to squeeze him. I posted this because I’m hoping our little boy will take after Drew and look somewhat like this. Drew was a really crazy kid so I’m not so sure if I can handle our son acting like Drew did. Some of my favorite Drew stories are:

When Drew was 2 or 3 he pretended to be a dog for an absurdly long amount of time. He refused to speak (only growled and barked), ate on the floor, and wanted to sleep on top of the couch like snoopy.

When Drew was 9 he decided he didn’t want to go to school anymore. He pretended to walk to school but instead would hide and then return home after his parents left to watch cartoon’s in bed all day. He did this for a whole week. (So crazy)

Drew decided to run away from home when he got in trouble for skipping school. He packed everything he thought he would need for life in the woods. He had brought the classifieds along and began circling ads for free dogs. It was just going to be him and his new canine companion living off the land. His aunt found him before he even spent one night in the woods. Did I mention that he was only nine?

There is also the fighting. Drew was a tough kid that got into fights.

I am totally screwed.


Justina said...

i think your little boy will have to have a picture just like this. and don't worry, marlow will keep a close eye on him and not let him run away :)

Brittany said...

well, at least you're a dog lover.

Michelle said...

Are there "woods" in Texas?
Remember how chicken we were to do anything wrong, maybe you will pass some of that gene along...but he will still be tough ;)

sara v. said...

Ha..drew said woods but that could be someone's super unkempt backyard to a nine year old. I will have him clearify.