Tuesday, June 3, 2008

15 weeks

Today our baby is 15 weeks old. We went to the doctor for a check up and the heartbeat was strong. I love hearing the heartbeat. I feel 10 million times better. I think it is safe to say that morning sickness is behind me (hooray). I am now ready to enjoy the honeymoon phase of my pregnancy. The honeymoon phase is the phase in-between morning sickness and being uncomfortably rotund.

The baby should be about 4 inches long now. Its taste buds are forming, and it supposedly spends most of its day practicing inhaling and exhaling. The doctor said I should start being able to feel movement within a week or so. I’m really anxious for that first feeling. We will find out the sex on the morning of June 24th (woohoo!).


Michelle said...

That's way too long to wait!!
Im glad your finally feeling better.
love you

Justina said...

isn't it so reassuring to hear the heart beat?? it really makes it more real. is june 24th your 20 weeks ultrasound or are you going in to strictly find out the sex? what's your gut feeling about what you're having?

sara v. said...

I will be 18 weeks on the 24th and they are giving me my 20 week then since I will be out of town the following weeks. I really can't wait. I kind of think its a girl. I'm really not sure though.

bonnie said...

i am so happy that you are feeling better.
i am getting excited.....
i will be pinching you you soon.