Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marlow can do tricks...

My first attempt at loading a video. Marlow lets out a big fart at the end, but you cant hear it on the video...enjoy.

P.S. Sorry the barking in the background is so annoying.


Sonja Sanchez said...

That video is awesome. I just played it and Jose barked through the whole thing. I had to explain to him that he was barking at a dog in Texas. I wish I could hear the fart!

Justina said...

Marlow is amazing - he should be in movies!! look at your cute baby bump!!

Michelle said...

That dress is so cute!! So is your belly! I need more pics of how big your tummy is now!
Marlow is huge! And adorable! I do wish I could hear what he did too because Drew's reaction made it sound like it was a good one ;)
I love you guys!

bonnie said...

that was awesome.
marlow is a beast.
hope to meet him this summer.
i posted a video:)
you were right~ it took forever.

Sue said...

We have first hand experience with Marlows farts.....soooooo bad!!!! Sara has a little belly and looks so cute......xoxoxoxo