Friday, May 23, 2008

The Business of Being Born

Drew and I watched this DVD last night. It just came out on DVD this month and I highly, highly, highly recommend it…especially if you ever plan on being pregnant or currently have a baby on the way (I'm talking to you Justina). The movie goes over in detail the drastic differences between hospital births and families that choose to stay at home and use certified midwives. You witness several actual births thru out the documentary so this is not for the squeamish. It left me crying like a baby and feeling like my body is amazing. A definite must see.


Justina said...

thanks for the recommendation - that makes 3 movies now i have been told i really need to see - knocked up and juno being the other 2. gotta get on it!!
i love you.

Sue said...

I hope you are not going to have a home birth?????? don't think I could handle it.....xoxoxoxo