Tuesday, May 13, 2008

12 weeks

We saw the baby this morning. It was incredible. It was moving all over the place, waving its arms, opening its mouth. We could see the heart beating in its chest. In the second to last photo the baby was trying to suck on its thumb but settled for sucking on the back of its hand. It was so amazing. Drew announced during the ultrasound that the baby has the "Baker nose" for sure. Its only 12 weeks and it already has a prominent schnoze. I plan on pinching him later when he least expects it for making that comment. We will be able to find out the sex on July 8th. I can't wait.


Justina said...

gotta love modern technology! your baby is going to be so cute :)

bonnie said...

oh~ drew is in trouble.

looks like a girl:)

Sue said...

Wow,Wow, Wow,,,,it does look like a girl,and a baby now, no more shrimp.. We do have very big noses, but it is the Bayless side not Baker...Love to you both.....xoxoxox

Michelle said...

Oh no...another Doug!! (he he)
Those are amazing pictures, they are so clear! Im so excited, I cant wait until July 8th!
Promise when you pinch drew it will be on the inside of his arm where you used to bruise me all the time ;)

I love you!

Anonymous said...

beautiful baby. so amazing. yay!