Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taste of Key West

The three of us went to the Taste of Key West last night...and we spent a total of 10 minutes there. Sir GrumpsAlot was not having a good time, and he smacked me across the chest and starting wailing right after our sample of duck liver pate. Owen and I quickly went home while Drew grabbed some food with the rest of our tickets and met up with us. We enjoyed the the rest of our food picnic style on the living room floor...away from the crazy crowds. This made Owen MUCH happier.


Michelle said...

You look great mama :)
Its good to see you again!

I love things like that...its so nice here today makes me want summer to come quickly, and all the little events like that :)

lauraholtzman said...

What a good looking family. xoxoxoxoxo

aunt liz said...

the THREE of you look GREAT!!
we love you!
Miles and Liz

bonnie said...

great photos!!!!!
so excited to see you....