Sunday, April 5, 2009

our secret shame...

Drew and I are disgusting. We both love to go to Waffle House and order hash browns "scattered all the way". This means that they mix your hash browns with every damn ingredient in the kitchen and then top the whole mess with chili. Its one of those things that I feel too embarrassed to order with any one other than Drew. Mostly because it looks like they just slapped some dog food on your plate. Seriously yummy dog washed down with a tall glass of chocolate milk.


bonnie said...

but great photos!
secret shame~ tee hee

Cynthia said...

There is no shame in eating something delicious no matter what it looks like! Also anything topped with chili is going to taste good...I am starving after looking at your photos. I miss Waffle House :-(

Michelle said...

Oh the I miss it
Not really
You shouldnt be embarrassed at all...I have many "shameful" things I love to eat.

lauraholtzman said...

That sounds amazing. I want one.

danam said...

am i the only one that's going to say it?
YOURE NOT supposed to order that dish. its a joke. they make fun of the people who order it.

also. dont trust anything that is 'scattered". isnt 'scat'ing another word for doing IT with poop? fecophilia?

i dont know sara.. thats gross. be very ashamed.

sara v. said...


go eat a crumpet.

i love you.


bonnie said...

dana~ you are so right on.
gross sara~ don't mess with poo.