Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

The boys spent the day fishing. Drew was super excited to finally get out on the boat. Susie and I watched The Thorn Birds (meow) while the turkey cooked.
Our little turkey hasn't arrived yet.
I'm thankful I was able to eat turkey dinner at home rather than in the hospital.
Thank you Owen.
You can come out now though....seriously.


aunt liz said...

Happy Thanksgiving, cannot wait
to see pics of the baby boy,
looks like it won't be long now!
Hope you are all ok and had a good
day... looks like some good fish
Jerry... love,
Aunt Liz

bonnie said...

aunt liz called you jerry...
hee hee

dad looks so cute.
the water is lovely.
i am jealous.

missing you.

aunt liz said...

I still want the fish - Jerry!
hahahaha tell your dad -did
not mean to call you jerry!
LOVE,LOVE the pic of the big belly
and the big lip.. the lip sticks
out almost as much as the BELLY!
hahahaha cannot wait to see the
little boy, or should I say big boy! go walk around the block - fast!

Rhonda said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Miss you guys! Can't wait to see pics of "little" Owen! Mom says she loves you guys!! We do too! :)

Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I love you guys! And Im glad you got to eat your Turkey dinner at home too. From what I hear hospital food is not all that great, I only has liquids when I was there ;)
And seriously Owen...hurry up already!