Tuesday, November 25, 2008

40 weeks

Today is our due date.
This picture is a perfect representation of how I feel today.
I am a ball of cranky, uncomfortable moodiness.
Went to the doctor today. Nothing has happened.
The baby has not dropped and my cervix is closed tight.
They made me stay on a heart monitor for thirty minutes to make sure the baby is ok.
He is doing fine. He is super comfy.
I have had a headache since last night. I think that is adding to the cranky.
I'm hoping its hormones but I feel like punching someone for no reason.
My mom and I went to the grocery store after my appointment, and I had a REALLY strong urge to kick this random man while he was kneeling in front of a display.
Seriously...for no reason.
I'm at home drinking a vanilla shake now...feeling much better.


bonnie said...

thank you for this post~
i have been blue all morning
and this post made me laugh so hard.
your face is funny and that man was lucky.
i love you.
hang in there.

Michelle said...

Im sorry you feel so bad :(
You should haul off and hit someone...when else are you going to have that as an excuse?! ;)
How long will they let you go until they induce?

Rhonda said...

If I was there, you could hit me!

I soooo understand how you feel... all three of mine were huge (11.8, 9.10 and 9.13) however I had scheduled c-sections!!

Just wait until the baby comes. With lack of sleep, everytime you go to the store you will be so out of it you won't remember why you are there, what day it is... and what your name is.

The best is yet to come!! :)

Lara said...

"pregnant woman bashes old man in jelly aisle at grocery store" -- I see the headline now! hang in there, you poor thing.

lauraholtzman said...

Hurry up Owen. Inocent people are at risk!!!

Cynthia said...

Hang in there darlin! I am actually glad that you might get to eat some turkey before you have him. The thought of you in some hospital eating microwaved turkey and fixins just made me sad!

Lisa said...


Hang in there!!! This is your cousin Lisa and I was hoping you were going to have him on the 27th on my birthday but oh well!! I went through the same thing with Kate, Mady and Corbin and had to be induced with all three. Maybe we should blame it on the Baker gene!!!