Wednesday, November 12, 2008

38 weeks

Yup...I'm still pregnant.
I had an exam yesterday and nothing has happened yet.
Owen is quite cozy and doesn't want to come out.
Doctor said he already has an estimated weight of 8 pounds.
They will let me go to 42 weeks before they try to induce.
Hopefully he will come sooner than later.
I would really like to NOT give birth to a 12 pound baby (frightening).
I'm feeling pretty good. I usually have a burst of energy when I wake up in the morning, and then get tired and sluggish thru out the day. Lots of weird pelvic pressure and pain but no contractions yet. I also wake up every two hours thru the night to go to the bathroom. That is really annoying, but its kind of cool how my body already has me in training for nightly feedings.


Michelle said...

I was getting a little worried/excited that you had not written in a while because Owen thought it was time to meet everyone :) Im glad your doing good, tell Owen that I want to see pictures of him already...hurry up ;)

Anonymous said...

are your bags packed?! i remember when you first made the announcment, it seems like so long ago. promise me if you breastfeed that you dont let little O fall asleep while eating, because then youll have a baby that ONLY falls asleep when he can have your breast. thats my advice for tonight. xo

bonnie said...

good advice dana~
i was never able to control that.
i was usually the one who fell asleep while breastfeeding.
2 babies and 4 years of breastfeeding and my only advice is never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about feeding owen in public.
i think people who disapprove
should get titty milk squrited
in their eyes.