Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Key West Rickshaw

Drew and I have been debating over what items to take with us and what items to store. I want to bring our bikes because it is much easier to get around Key West on your bike then it is by car. Especially once the season starts and the tourists arrive. Drew feels I am WAY to pregnant to ride a bike (I can’t wait to show him the picture of Justina surfing at 30 weeks), and wants to rig up a rickshaw to drive my pregnant butt around the island. Key West is full of pedi-cabs…. none as cool as the one shown above. I must say that I would feel pretty fancy if rode in one as pretty as the one above.


Justina said...

OMG - you SO should get drew to make one exactly like this. it's fantastic - you'd be the grand dame of Key West!

bonnie said...

the image of you riding to the cafe
for yummies ~ with drew dodging
makes me smile
and feel lighter.

please get one.

Michelle said...

I agree with Drew, its too dangerous for you to ride pregnant...especially with all the tourists who wont be paying attention to where they are going because they are too busy looking at the sights! It would be so cool if you would get one of those...then you can totally do the miss america wave!!
Hey remember we watched that the first I spent the night at your house? You know when you told you mom not to talk to me ;) You were such a jerk in 7th grade ;)