Wednesday, August 13, 2008

25 weeks

We are at 25 weeks.
If the baby were delievered at this time it would have a good chance of survival. (whew)
The baby will also begin to prefer his left or right hand at this time. (crazy)

I am feeling good. My only complaint is daily back pain. It’s always in the same spot in the middle of my back to the left of my spinal cord. I think the baby is pushing on a nerve, or it’s just my back compensating for the weight of my new round belly. Its aggravated by sitting down all day at work. I am SO excited that I only have three days left at my office.

Also, check out my baby sling that my parents bought for me (thanks mom and dad!). It is soft and embroidered and I love it. I especially can’t wait to be carrying a baby around in it.

We haven’t 100% decided on a name, but I have been calling my belly…Owen an awful lot lately.


Michelle said...

Yay! You got your sling :) Its very pretty. You look amazing as usual. Its great that your last day is coming up so soon! When are you leaving?

sara v. said...

My last day of work is friday the 15th. Then we are going to spend all next week packing, cleaning and storing our stuff. Then we are going to hit the road on Monday the 25th. I want to get there before all the labor day weekend crazy traffic begins. We are thinking it should only take three days...tops.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, you got the sling! your belly looks great. theres a little boy in it! i cant wait to see little O in the sling.

Brittany said...

you're so cute, owen's so cute, the sling is so cute!!

Heather said...

you look so cute! I miss you already!