Monday, August 25, 2008

Day one: Austin to Baton Rouge, LA.

It was sad saying goodbuy to our ghetto home in Austin. It might not have been much, but it was our first home together. We made it to Baton Rouge tonight after turning down several Motel 6's. One was actullay located between a casino and a strip club. We were scared we would never find a dog friendly motel that felt safe enough to stay in. Luckily we found one and we ordered chinese food to the room. Marlow is being a good boy. He has no clue whats going on, but is excited to spend so much time with us.


Michelle said...

Are you totally tired of being in the car? And you still have 2 more days to go?!

Justina said...

almost there and on island time by now! yay!!

lauraholtzman said...

Hope your trip is going well!

Off the subject of your travels but I just started the Twilight series...and I am OBSESSED!!! Thanks for the suggestion!! Can't wait for the movie. xoxoxoxo