Saturday, September 13, 2008

B.O.'s Fish Wagon

On Friday Drew drove around Key West and dropped off resumes with all the construction companies in town. I rode along to keep him company. We stopped for lunch at B.O.'s Fish Wagon. B.O.'s is a little shack made up of odds and ends in a parking lot. It has been a part of Key West for as long as I can remember. I always get the fried fish sandwich with an extra side of key lime tarter sauce (yum). An island rooster sat by my side the entire time. We made sure he made off with our leftovers.

We had our doctor's appointment on Thursday. It went really well. Its a relief that I like the guy. He was really funny during the ultra sound. When he found Owen's little penis he referred to it as "A weapon of mass destruction", and "balls of fire". It was pretty unexpected and hilarious.

I will be getting ultra sounds every visit now. When I get a good picture of our little man I will scan it in.


bonnie said...

great photos~
miss you

Michelle said...

Good luck to Drew on the job hunting!
I cant wait to see a new picture of Owen

Justina said...

cwow, you will get ultrasounds at every visit?? lucky girl!! and key lime tarter sauce sounds deelish!!
good luck drew!!