Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The sky chair you see above has never been hung…until now. I purchased it with my first real paycheck when I was 16 years old. I worked at McDonald’s with my friend Michelle. We wore visors, smelled like toasted buns and often cried outside in the parking lot because we hated our job so much. I purchased the chair at the annual Renaissance Festival. Michelle and I would go only to eat artichokes and stare at the totally hot insult guy that had tomatos thrown at him. Ahh…memories. 14 years later my totally hot husband finally hangs it up for me. He is wonderful (and MUCH cuter than the nerdy renaissance guy).


bonnie said...

oh come on don't lie --
you lived for the fair-
you wore the outfits and sang the songs.. you even walked around with the big turkey leg.

sara v. said...

Don't make me post that picture of us at the fair. I will admit to the turkey leg and the occasional ribbon hair braiding session...but never a complete outfit.