Saturday, November 5, 2011

Currently Loving....

This crazy rug for Owen's room.

This amazingly beautiful and wonderful children's book by Lane Smith.

This eye make up. Drew needs to go to beauty school next so he can do my hair and makeup every day.
This limited edition rickshaw you can buy from Anthropology.

Our new wooden alphabet fridge magnets. So cool.


Michelle said...

I love it, that rug is great! where did you get it?
so I am reading your magnets right...its says Owen burp it lad? ;)

sara v. said...

Michelle....i didn't buy the rug. I just saw it online and liked it. I saw it on this blog i like called Oh Joy.

that is exactly what the fridge says. the packet of letters came with enough for the alphabet plus a few extra. that is what we were able to spell using the leftover letters. owen has been digging them.

i love you!!!!

Michelle said...

I love you!!!