Monday, January 4, 2010

island chill

Sweaters are rarely worn on this island but our temps have dipped down in the 50's the last few days. That may not sound cold to most of you, but Drew and I are freezing. Our bodies have forgotten how to handle cold weather after wearing only shorts and flip-flops the last year and a half. Owen doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold, and I think he is looking quite dashing in his warm weather attire.


Michelle said...

He is looking very dashing!! The 50's hugh...super cold ;) You should come hang out here Thursday, their saying the high will be 17 degrees...I am starting to get tired of the cold. I would love to be able to wear flip flops all year :(

Sonja Sanchez said...

You two look great! We are freezing out here and I'm sick of it, I wish I was back in Cancun.

brixpicks said...

oh i wish i could hang out with this little guy! come to new york some time!!