Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest is in full swing here on the island. Above are just a few snapshots of local decorations. Key West goes all out. You gotta love a town that celebrates Halloween for an entire week.


Michelle said...

Someday I will be ther for that!! Someday :)

PS-I need your address

Sonja Sanchez said...

Hey Mama:
You look beautiful and so do your boys. Sorry I have been MIA but it has been a rough year.

Love you!

The TravelSlut® said...

Great photos that capture some of the essence of Fantasy Fest.

This is my 10th FF and I'm loving it more than last year but not as much as I will in 2010! :-)

Ann, The TravelSlut

bonnie said...

more, more, more!!!!
we need some topless owen photos at the parade:)

lauraholtzman said...

What is Owen going to be for Halloween? Oh, and I need your adress too!

Justina said...

Love it - that's so fun! And I want to know what Owen is going to be for Halloween too!!

Michelle said...

There better be some Owen Halloween costume pictures on here tomorrow!!! I mean it ;)

brixpicks said...

can't wait for owen costume photos!!!!!