Wednesday, March 4, 2009

13 weeks...

Super fatty can sit in his bumbo seat now (somewhat). His neck is getting stronger. My sister was right. The crazy feelings start to fade once babies get a little stronger. The wobbly neck thing was always creeping me out. So fragile. Owen's sleep schedule has been a little screwy this week. He is getting extra fussy at night and refusing to sleep in his crib. Hes been sleeping pressed against my side. I will move him over in the middle of the night...only to wake up and find he has completely rotated his little body back against me.
He is a total titty baby.


Michelle said...

I love your super fatty so much, I might have to steal him from you!
Wait...fat kids are harder to kidnap ;)
Nevermind, Ill just have to meet him and kiss his chubby cheeks a lot!

Justina said...

what a smile! his chubbiness makes him super sweet.

danam said...

yummy little yummy face

bonnie said...

i love him.
i just love him so much.

Sonja Sanchez said...

I love him!

aunt liz said...

he is changing so - everyday
he is really a big adorable
baby! love him! love those

aunt liz said...

ok - this cutie looks like the
start trying for one who
will look like DREW!!!all
is fair! come on now!