Wednesday, July 9, 2008

20 weeks

Here is my twenty-week belly. It is not the best photo but I had Drew snap it really quickly before he walked out the door for work. The belly is getting BIG. The baby should be the size of a banana by now and that really blows my mind. I can feel him move. Nothing too strong yet…just little belly flutters now and then. I love it when it happens.

Last night Marlow woke up in the middle of the night barking and it startled me awake. My heart raced a little and I swear I could feel the heartbeat in my belly get stronger. It was so crazy. I could feel my own fast heartbeat, and I could feel the baby being startled as well. I quickly calmed myself down because I felt so bad for the little guy. Being pregnant is a trip.


Justina said...

you look SO cute!!!

lauraholtzman said...

You look beautiful!

Michelle said...

Soooo CUTE!
I love your dress too!

Brittany said...

yay belly pics! you look wonderful.